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Global Trend Directions 2018/19 by Camira

Now in its third year, earlier this year Camira launched its latest trend report featuring design directions for 2018/19. As always it was a joy to be part of this project as trend consultant, researcher and writer.

As we look to the future we are encouraged to question our actions, challenge attitudes and inspire optimism. Everyone’s voice deserves to be heard. Throughout Revolution, the 2018/2019 trend forecast, when you listen and observe carefully, the true, positive message is revealed.

This forecast is about empowering new ideas and becoming a catalyst for creativity. Identifying four themes in our report: Reflect, React, Reimagine and Rejoice, each with its own unique personality, Revolution captures stories referencing colours, textures and refined combination palettes to create inspiring moods for interiors using fabrics made by Camira.

Visit Camira’s Global Trend Directions page for new articles looking closer at the colour palettes and suggested colour combinations, as well as exploring particular projects that depict each trend. Revolution trend report 2018-19_Page_04 Revolution trend report 2018-19_Page_05 Revolution trend report 2018-19_Page_07 Revolution trend report 2018-19_Page_08 Revolution trend report 2018-19_Page_16