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Evolution: Global Trend Directions 2017/18 by Camira

Following the 2016/17 trend forecast I have had the pleasure to work with Camira again to create the second edition, Evolution: Global Trend Directions 2017/18 by Camira.

This season is all about “appreciating the beauty in the everyday.”

We are in an era where innovation is around every corner, moving so fast that as soon as we get to grips with something new it’s only human nature to ask “how we can improve it?” And so the cycle continues. We make sense of our world by defining time retrospectively, looking back on the journey to assess the past. The theme driving our 2017/18 trend forecast is Evolution, a celebration of now and how we have developed to be such a unique and complex species.

This promotional tool looks at the design trends making headway in the world of commercial interiors. The forecast serves as a marketing tool for Camira, a Yorkshire based textile designer and manufacturer.

Through inspirational imagery and text these trends explore our relationship with our surroundings, how colours are used to represent a trend, how they work together and the development of original colour combinations to inspire design ideas for new environments. The trend report will be distributed at trade shows and events worldwide, celebrating the company’s originality and creative thinking.

This report was developed and directed by Camira in collaboration with Sally Angharad, Trend Consultant and Writer.

Photography by Rian Crabtree and Richard Round-Turner unless otherwise credited. Art direction and styling by Rian Crabtree.

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