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Equilibrium: Global Trend Directions 2016/17 by Camira

Equilibrium: Global Trend Directions 2016/17 by Camira, is a promotional tool that looks at the design trends leading the way for commercial interiors. The forecast serves as a marketing tool for Camira, a Yorkshire based textile designer and manufacturer. Working with the design team my brief was to analyse and research their creative ideas, resulting in four key trend stories to spark new conversations with customers: Discovery, Perspective, Nature Lab and Artisan. Through inspirational imagery and text these trends explore our relationship with our surroundings, how colours are used to represent a trend, how they work together and the development of new colour combinations to inspire design ideas for new environments. The trend report has been distributed at trade shows and events worldwide, celebrating the company’s originality and creative thinking. This tool will be published annually, with work already underway on the 2017/18 forecast.